How to develop your business? Develop your people!

It’s in almost every job vacancy text. Great opportunities for personal development. Everybody knows that a company’s biggest asset is the people that work there. Some know it but don’t act upon it, others know it and try to do something about it. A training budget, in-house training days or a personal development program. In fact, I was lucky to enjoy this gift from my employers as well. But how effective are those development programs really?

The honest answer: I had some great trainings and also some trainings where I can mainly remember the after drinks, but in both cases it is questionable whether the organisation really experienced the benefits..

At Bricklayers, this is where we see it going wrong. We believe that training should lead to shared benefits. For both your people and your organisation!
Therefore we always make our trainings part of our programs. In everything we do, we transfer the tools and competences to your people, so they can excel. We do this in all our team programs, in our efficiency & quality program and in our operational leadership programs! It is always about shared benefits for both employee and employer.

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