It’s more important how we communicate than what we communicate

Most of us spend more than half our waking hours at work, in one or more teams. Working well together is therefore crucial for both the health of a company as well as its people. Even if a company has an amazing product, it could be rendered useless if the people cannot work together. Prior research has shown that communication dynamics are one of the most important predictors of a team’s success.

Together with the University of Tilburg/Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, we have started a fantastic project where we will overcome the limits of observation and make the group dynamics characterizing high-performing and happy teams observable, quantifiable and measurable using sensor-based social analytics. We will define and visualise which patterns result in better performance and team well-being, and discover which underlying factors like team composition or the presence/absence of certain structures lead to these patterns. We have just been awarded our first grant and have started to collect our first data. Keep a close eye on us if you want to follow our developments or contact us for more information and/or possibilities to be part of this ground-breaking research!

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