Your challenge

Is your business not growing fast and efficient enough? Do you need to save costs, improve service or free up cash? Are your people not sufficiently effective and independent? No matter what your challenge is, we have a program to build flow in your organisation and solve it.

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Our solutions

In order to create flow, all radars in your organisation have to be tuned to each other. But dependent on your challenge sometimes one needs a bit more attention than the other. And for that reason we have created different programs, all following the same philosophy: connecting people and process whilst using the combination of both data and your personal experience to assure the optimal result.

Organisational Growth

Specifically designed for ambitious SME companies that want to grow efficient, easy and fast. Create an effective, efficient and scalable organisation. Increase both your business results and your business valuation.
  • Scalable "lean" organisation
  • Improved business results
  • Structure & tools to manage your business effectively
Grow your business exponentially and create a lean organisation

Focus & Control

For those management teams that want to drive their business forward. Create focus. Get or regain control over your performance and the well-being of your organisation. Become fast and effective. Reliable and adaptive.
  • Do more & do it faster
  • Improved business results
  • Increased employee engagement
Management Team Effectiveness and Organisational Acceleration

Better, Cheaper & Faster

For those organisations that want to learn how to improve on a specific operational challenge. Doing things better, cheaper & faster. More cash, lower costs, higher service. Data-driven but practical. Bringing fast results.

  • Improved business results
  • Data-driven improvement capabilities
  • Structure & tools to create excellent processes
Lean Six Sigma Process Excellence and Continuous Improvement

Team Effectiveness

An effective team, both in terms of performance and well-being, defines over 50% of an organisation’s success. Put in the right amount and type of resources. Create focus. And your employees and your company will thrive. For this purpose we developed our science-based HIHAT program.
  • Coheren, collaborative, high-performing & decisive teams
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved business results
Create high performing and happy teams

Excellent Operations

The unique combination of strategic, hands-on, practical and interpersonal skills needed to successfully lead in an operational environment. Hard to find and often overlooked. In our 6 month training program we develop your operational leader to become excellent in all areas necessary to fulfill this pivotal and multi-faceted role.
  • Operational Excellence capabilities
  • Team Excellence management skills
  • Improved business results
Thrive your operational activities with Lean Six Sigma and Team Excellence

Personal Effectiveness

Besides our standard programs we also offer individual leadership coaching to develop personal effectiveness and executional decisiveness.

  • Personality test Breinstijl@work
  • Personal development plan
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • On-the-job coaching sessions
Improve your personal effectiveness and organisational performance

Tailor-made Programs

Are you interested in a tailor-made program for your organisation? Contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.

Your potential benefits

The focus of our programs is to create flow. The business results are just the logical consequence, where you earn back your investment up to 20 times within the first year:
  • Management time reduction
  • Productivity increase
  • Working capital improvement
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Revenue increase
  • Margin increase
  • Employee engagement improvement
  • Business valuation increase


More important than ever before! All our programs are developed in such a way that these can be done either fully online or as a combination of online and face-to-face.

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"We evolved from separated islands towards one team within the OTD field. We changed our way of thinking, using data from our processes, enabling us to set priorities, act pro-actively, learn and improve our performance. A great collaboration"
Alex Markusse
Supply Chain Manager | Veco Precision
"High quality content, open personalities that create a great learning environment and practical builders that helped us with the right preparations to have an excellent basis for go-live of our factory"
Bas Jurgens
COO | Protix
"At our organisation we work to overcome complex problems by developing technical solutions in a highly creative environment. To support our passionate employees to meet our mission’s objectives, the enthusiastic crew of Bricklayers performed a solid deepdive into our organisation, both as individuals and as a team, to develop suitable and original improvements to our way of working"
anonymous organisation
Henk van Dalen
Non-profit organisation
"Valuable and fun session providing a better understanding of the different personalities within our team. In a short period of time we learned how to give more effective feedback to each other. Helping us to accelerate the development of our team and achieve our sportive and individual objectives.“

Wouter van der Kloet
Trainer/coach first men's team | Huizer HC
"The right balance between theorical background, personal & team insights and with fun, customized exercises for our business"

Frederique van Randwijk
HR Manager | QWIC
"Thanks to the program we now have better data-driven insights, enabling us to make better decisions to improve our performances.“
Bart Deserranno
European Service & Materials Manger
Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials
"It was surprising to see the amount of practical insights we got from just a 2-hour session with Bricklayers. Energetic, fun and useful and highly recommended for any team that wants to improve their collaboration and communication and with that their performance. We also really look forward to their newest innovation where they measure and link team dynamics to output“
Robert Jan de Laive
CFO | The Next Web
"The people from Bricklayers are knowledgeable and experienced. Their data-driven, hands-on and interpersonal approach helped us to get control and the right focus on our operational activities. We now have a solid foundation on which we can further improve our performance."

Daan Biemans
Production Manager | Protix