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Giving attention and allocating resources to your greatest assets – your people – results in a happier, healthier and better performing organisation. A so-so strategy executed by great people can still produce good results, but a great strategy executed by a so-so workforce will undoubtedly result in lack of results and frustration.

The fewer people you have, the bigger their impact on the performance and culture of the organisation. So it only makes sense to help develop your employees through continuous learning. But it is exactly the fact that you’re still a (relatively) small organisation, that makes it difficult to free up the time and money to focus on this. That’s a long-term ‘thing’, and there are so many fires to put out that you can easily lose sight of what is actually most important.

Luckily the Dutch government has acknowledged this fact as well and is making 48M euro available for MKB, MKB collaborations or larger companies belonging the catering, agriculture or recreational industry through the SLIM program to stimulate the learning and development of their personnel.

Which projects qualify?

Amongst others:
• A screening of (part of) your organisation to map the training needs and setting up an educational or development plan.
• Career or development advice for employees
• Development or implementation of a new method that stimulates employees to keep developing their knowledge and skills

How large will the grant be?
The maximum amount for MKB-companies is € 25.000. For collaborations this will be € 500.000 (where none of the parties can claim more than € 200.000). Corporates can receive up to a maximum of € 200.000, with an exception of an agricultural business, for which the maximum is € 20.000.
The total grant amount is dependent on the type of project and the size of the organisation. Small companies can receive up to 80% of the total applicable costs, while this is a maximum of 60% for larger companies and collaborations.

For which costs can you apply?
• External costs (for example hiring a third party specialist)
• Direct wages (based on gross salary + 32% pro rata of the individually realised hours, assuming 1720 workable hours/year
• 15% surcharge on above costs

MKB companies can apply for the grant from 2-31 March and 1-30 September this year. Collaborations and corporates can apply between April 1st and June 30th. Evaluation will be a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you apply, the higher the chance your application will be approved

How can we help you?
Below are just some of the things we can do for you. Contact us now to discuss together how a possible collaboration can look like.

Application assistance
We can help you with the grant application. No cure no pay – if you’re not awarded the grant we will not charge you for any time invested.

Organisational scan and development report
Organisation scan focusing on the most important facets for high performing and happy organisations like trust, alignment, team learning behaviour and structure. We will do a scientific based questionnaire with additional interviews if needed. You will get a comprehensive but to-the-point report on the development areas of your organisation and a proposal for follow up (internal and/or external)

Process deep dive
Are your (production) processes one of your biggest areas of improvement? Getting the right service or product to your customer on time, in full, and according to all the necessary the specs? Eliminating waste and knowing beforehand if you’re on target or not? Complete alignment of your activities to support the top (and correct) priorities of your business?
With our proven process deep dive we can immediately pinpoint the most important obstacles for achieving excellence.

Team deep dive
Using Breinstijl (or Insights when desired) together we dive into the underlying reasons why your teams work, interact and communicate in the way they do and through interactive and energizing workforms create effective communication, decrease conflict and increase performance and happiness.

Implementing new methods
Other than only uncovering the obstacles keeping you from continuously growing as a company, we also help in overcoming them. Implementing new ways of working and learning, embedding them in the organisation to have a truly sustainable impact.

• Setting up a new performance meeting structure, including the design of your optimal meeting
• Setting up a sustainable feedback cycle throughout the entire company
• Setting up a complete program to integrate new insights into new ways of working

One-on-one coaching
Coaching on both soft and hard skills. How to get the best out of your team? How to make sure the indispensable processes needed to start working differently are actually followed? What to start, stop and continue doing? Dependent on your needs, we pair you up with the right coach.

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