success stories

We are proud of our customers. They were open for new ideas and different ways of working. To create high-performing teams and excellent processes. To implement the right structure to thrive. To create flow.

Read more about their challenges, what we did and the positive impact of our collaboration on their performance.


Excellent Operations /
Better, Cheaper, Faster

Increased sales through customer satisfaction increase, realised by creating a reliable supply chain. With the use of new performance metrics and the right operational operating system we created a culture of data-driven decision making.


Focus & Control /
Team Effectiveness

The Ocean Cleanup has a bold mission. Rid the oceans of plastic using new advanced technologies. They need to be innovative and flexible, but also strict and result-driven. We helped them to get the most out of their biggest asset.



A new factory producing the ingredient of the future: insects. Protix is a real "game changer" in what they do. We helped them to set up the right data-driven structure to manage performance and create flow in their new factory.



The R&D team of QWIC, a fast growing light electric vehicle brand based in Amsterdam, has been growing at a rapid speed, and wanted to gain more insights in how they work together as a team to improve their overall effectiveness.

TNW rood_vierkant_small


The management team of TNW, a leading company in sharing, inventing and advancing tech developments, asked us for a team dynamics sesion to see how new insights could help the to become even more effective as a team.

Huizer HC_vierkant


Nothing more important in top sports than being a high-performing team. Getting the best out of each other. Improving team effectiveness continuously in order to promote at the end of the season.


Better, Cheaper & Faster

Reduced lead times and an improved delivery reliability performance to their customers. With new data-driven process controls and an improved learning culture the on time delivery increased to a stable performance above 95%!