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Improve your business results
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You have a specific challenge and you know that working harder is not the solution. You need to do things smarter. We have the proven roadmap to improve your performance. Structured and data-driven. Transfering hands-on tools and capabilities to your organisation. Enabling you to continue improving yourself.


Our Better, Cheaper & Faster Program is developed for those organisations that want to improve their performance and gain the competences to continue doing so independently. It does not matter which type of industry you are in. Whether you have a product or service, to consumer or B2B, whether you are a production company or a sales & marketing organisation, you act locally or globally, the principles of our roadmap apply to every business.
Typical challenges we address in our program
  • Productivity increase
  • Output increase
  • Quality improvement
  • On Time In Full delivery improvement
  • Yield increase
  • Lead time reduction
  • Working capital improvement

Not sure about your potential?
Do our Process Analysis starter pack for only €400!

Do you want to get insights in your potential? And do you want a hands-on approach to harvest it? With our process analysis starter pack, we quantify how much better, cheaper or faster you could be and provide you a personalised improvement roadmap to realise it.

The package consists of 3 simple steps which we do together online.
Our Process Analysis Package consists of 3 simple steps which we do together online:

Step 1 – Problem definition
In a video call we together:
  • Specify your challenge
  • Map your process
  • Define the performance to improve

    Step 2 – Data analysis
  • You collect process data based on our request form
  • We analyse and visualise your potential

    Step 3 – Improvement roadmap
  • You do our science-based process questionnaire
  • We make a personalised improvement advice
  • During our joined report-out call we discuss your potential and provide a hands-on improvement roadmap
  • Stock availability: >95%
    On-Time-Delivery: >95%
    "The people from Bricklayers are knowledgeable and experienced. Their data-driven, hands-on and interpersonal approach helped us to get control and the right focus on our operational activities. We now have a solid foundation on which we can further improve our performance."
    Daan Biemans
    Production Manager | Protix

    the program

    Unlock your hidden potential, based on your own data. Build the operating system to get control over your processes. Get insights in what to improve and implement these improvements fast and effectively. Create a data-driven learning culture to continue optimising your performance.
    The program consist of 6 essential bricks to address your specific challenge and boost your performance. We guide you through the steps and provide you the practical tools and capabilities. You only need to embed those in your organisation and make it your way of working. And with every step, we are standing next to you to assure the maximum result. So you can continue improving independently after the program.

    1. Goals

    Who are your stakeholders and what are their stakes? Define the current problem, the process in scope and the goals to achieve.

    2. Process

    What does your current process look like? Reduce the waste and define “rules” on how to execute the work. Apply visual management to support those rules.

    3. Metrics

    What is your true performance and what is the hidden potential? Develop metrics that provide new insights and enable you to control your process execution pro-actively.

    4. Operating System

    How to control and improve your process performance? Set up a structured set of valuable meetings for all involved. Enabling you to adjust direction and providing opportunities to improve.

    5. Improve

    Do you know how to improve effectively and realise the given opportunities? A standardised approach of Kaizens and root-cause-analysis will help you to turn ideas into action.

    6. Embed

    How to make sure that this program is not a one-off improvement? We will perform a “stress-test” on your ability to continue learning and improving independently.


    More important than ever before! All our programs are developed in such a way that these can be done either fully online or as a combination of online and face-to-face.


    Additional to the program we also offer 3 different trainings to develop your people in the Lean Six Sigma principles. This proven methodology contains a practical toolset to continuously improve you performances.

    1D Basics

    This 1-day training is specifically useful for your people involved in process execution. In this training the participants learn the basic principles of Lean Six Sigma. At the end they are able to identify and eliminate waste and to create flow in the process. They understand the purpose of the operating system and are aware of the improvement methods like Kaizen, RCA and PDCA. After successful completion of a short exam at the end of the day they get the “Yellow Belt” certificate.

    2D Essentials

    This 2-day essentials training contains all elements of the 1-day basics training. The operating system and improvement methods are discussed more in depth, so after the training the participants are capable of setting this up and applying it themselves. Therefore this training is mainly useful for those employees managing and improving processes, like team leads and supervisors. Participants of this training will receive the “Orange Belt” certificate after successful completion of their exam.

    3D Expert

    As an addition to the 2-day training, we also offer an expert training for your employees that have a role as performance improvement expert. These 3 days will focus on the DMAIC methodology about how to manage an improvement project. This training contains statistical elements as well as change management principles. At the end there will be an exam to receive the “Green Belt” certificate.

    Management Awareness

    If you want to adopt a new methodology for your organisations, it is important for management to know what this methodology is about. And for a methodoly to be successful, the role of management is critical. In this management awareness training we discuss both the content of Lean Six Sigma and the role of management to maximise benefits.

    "We evolved from separated islands towards one team within the OTD field. We changed our way of thinking, using data from our processes, enabling us to set priorities, act pro-actively, learn and improve our performance. A great collaboration"
    Alex Markusse
    Supply Chain Manager | Veco Precision
    "Thanks to the project we now have better data-driven insights, enabling us to make better decisions to improve our performances.“

    Bart Deserranno
    European Service & Materials Manger
    Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials

    your benefits

    After successful completion of the program you will experience that you are better, faster and/or cheaper. The exact financial benefits depend on your challenge, but in general we see that you earn back your investment up to 20 times within the first year.

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