Excellent operations

Get the full potential out of your operational activities

Leadership plays an essential role to get the full potential out of your operational activities. However, most of the time this is the last thing that companies pay attention to. It is time to change this! Develop your operational leader and do things better, faster and cheaper!


Every business has operational activities. Whether you are in manufacturing, IT, logistics & warehousing, service, retail or any other business, the challenges are similar. Maximising efficiency while engaging and empowering your employees. Maximising output while constantly providing best quality and service to your customers. Striving to do things faster, better and cheaper.
Our program is suitable for all those operational leaders that experience one or more of the following challenges:
  • Do you feel you can do things better, faster and cheaper?
  • Is there more potential in your people than you currently see?
  • Are repetitive mistakes common?
  • Do you want to be more in control over your performance?
  • Are you constantly busy fire-fighting without having the time to focus on long term issues?
  • Does it feel impossible to reach your targets, no matter how hard you and your team work?
  • Do people point to external factors when something goes wrong rather than taking ownership?
  • Are you involved in all details and essential to ensure flawless execution?
  • Are you regularly frustrated about employee’s lack of pro-activity?
  • Do you only know that you’re not meeting expectations when it is too late?
  • Do your employees experience stress and irritation about internal collaboration?
  • Do your (internal and external) shareholders complain about your output?
  • Do you feel there is a lack of structure?
  • Do results (and quality) vary dependent on who is executing a task?
  • Do you find it difficult to motivate your people?


Our standard program is with leaders from different organisations. We can also make a tailor-made inhouse program for all your operational leaders.
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Start with a personal development plan for only €400

Do you want to get more insights in your personality and create a hands-on personal development plan how to maximise impact on your operations?

You get a Breinstijl@Work personality test - the only personality test backed-up by science. Based on your personal profile, your personal needs and your operational challenge, we will have a 2-hour coaching session to develop your personal development plan.

A charismatic connector - a person who goes around, talks to everybody, asks questions and collects information - is the type of person that predicts the success of a team

the program

The program starts with a personal intake to define both the personal and organisational development plan during the program. All essentials for operational leaders are discussed in 7 different modules. Every module is a combination of group training, practical exercises, Q&A sessions and personal coaching.
We ensure a fast development of your operational leader. And your operational leader ensures the development of your organisation with direct results.

0. Intake

The program starts with an intake. Using a personality test, we define both the personal development plan of your leader and the development plan for your organisation.

1. Direction

How to get your people on board for change? And how to quickly develop the necessary actions to improve and prioritise those? The first module is about creating direction and focus.

2. Human Foundation

What are your core values? How to create a safe environment of trust & respect? How to use the strength of your people? What does accountability mean? In this module we focus on the human foundation.

3. Technical Foundation

How do we execute our work? What are our standards and “rules” on how to execute tasks? In module 3 we define the technical foundation and apply “lean“ tools to make some first improvements.

4. Data-driven Culture

In this module you will learn how to set up the right leading metrics to pro-actively control your operational activities and how to obtain the right insights for good data-driven action and decision making.

5. Learning Structure

You need structure to learn and develop the organisation. We will provide the tools to set up a structured set of valuable meetings and you learn how to give effective feedback to develop each other.

6. Improvement Methods

You have all the elements in place to learn what to improve. In this module you will learn how to improve fast and effectively. We provide standard methods like Kaizen, RCA and PDCA.

7. Embedment

You learned all the essentials and applied these in your organisation. Now it is time to let it stick and embed it in your DNA. But how? You will learn from other participants by visiting their sites.

"High quality content, open personalities that create a great learning environment and practical builders that helped us with the right preparations to have an excellent basis for go-live of our factory"
Bas Jurgens
COO Protix
"Thanks to the project we now have better data-driven insights, enabling us to make better decisions to improve our performances.“
Bart Deserranno
European Service & Materials Manger
Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials

your benefits

After succesful completion of the program you will experience the following benefits:
  • Satisfied customers (price and quality)
  • Happy and engaged employees
  • Excellent operational business results (costs, cash and revenue)
  • Structure, focus and control within your operational department
  • A data-driven learning culture to improve continuously based on facts
  • A collaborative environment where ownership, accountability and pro-activity are self-evident
The focus of our operational leadership programs is to transfer all skills and competences required to optimise your operational activities. The business results are the logical consequence. In general, you will earn back your investment up to 20 times within the first year.

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