Realise your goals & Accelerate results while reducing your management time significantly

The role of a management team crucial in any growth stage of an organisation: set a clear direction, develop the strategy to follow it, pivot or persevere in times of change, establish the norms and values associated to the vision, and act as a role model to the entire organisation. It's quite a full plate!

How do you create the right focus and stay in control?


This program is designed for those management teams who want to (re)gain control and focus. Not having to focus on day-to-day operations to assure optimal execution, but operating from a higher level and continuously monitoring the business from a helicopter view. Management teams that want to operate at the fullest of their potential, be an example to the other teams and instilling a sense of belonging and responsibility.
'Only 5.9% of companies communicate goals daily'
97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.

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Do you want to create focus in your organisation? Do you want to get more control without being involved in the details? Do you want to make the daily business less dependent on you so you can focus on the strategic development?

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the program

The program consists of 6 essential elements. Similar to the HIHAT and Scalability Program, but on a higher level. With more focus on the team dynamics and the alignment of the organisation and less focus on execution. During the program we will guide you through the steps and provide you with new insights and practical tools. You only need to embed those in your organisation and make it the way of working. And with every step, we are standing next to you to assure the maximum result.
Create a shared need in your organisation

1. Shared Need

Does everyone actually feel the need to start working, thinking and acting differently? If that’s not the case, any initiative will eventually be rendered useless. This will be the start of the entire program and we will revisit this for every module.

Create goals and direction in your organisation

A. Alignment & Focus

What is the direction for your organisation. What is your “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG)? What are your strengths and weaknesses? And what do your stakeholders want? Based on this input we define your 3-5 years objectives and translate these into a list of potential initiatives for the upcoming year. By quantifying all the initiatives with our initiative impact scan, we can set the right prioritisation and create focus for your organisation.

Create trust & respect in your organisation

B. Trust & Respect

Lead by example. This holds even more true for management teams, being the face and leading team of the organisation. And since you have the entire organisation to focus on, having an effective, productive and healthy team is of the upmost essence. Using the only profiler that has been validated by neuroscience - Breinstijl@Work - as a basis we will dive deeper into your team dynamics and communication so you’ll be able to embrace healthy and productive conflict and improve collaboration by understanding and respecting each others strengths and development areas.

Create lean processes in your organisation

C. Collaboration

Create a “lean” organisation. Stop spending time on activities that are not adding value to your customer or your business. This will free up capacity for your initiatives and brings focus to the other activities that do add value!

Define clear roles & responsibilities in your organisation

D. Roles & Responsibilities

Without structure, flexibility and autonomy turns into chaos. Structure creates space and freedom. The what and why is clear, but if the who remains vague eventually nothing will happen. Here we make sure every part of your organisation has an owner, and everybody is using their unique skillset and qualities to the best of their potential. We define clear responsibilities so you can pro-actively manage and control your business.

Create learning behaviour in your organisation

E. Organisational Learning Behaviour

Stagnation means decline. So how do you keep learning as a team and organisation? How do you make that learning a part of your daily routine, so that it will come naturally? We will tackle this from both a structural as well as a personal point of view.

Embed focus & control in your organisation

3. Embedment

The pitfall of many initiatives is that things like these end up being a one time thing. Any changes in the way of working need to be embedded in your organisation to have a lasting effect and we will always end a module, no matter how short or long, with determining what is needed from the organisation to support you in this.


More important than ever before! All our programs are developed in such a way that these can be done either fully online or as a combination of online and face-to-face.

"It was surprising to see the amount of practical insights we got from just a 2-hour session with Bricklayers. Energetic, fun and useful and highly recommended for any team that wants to improve their collaboration and communication and with that their performance. We also really look forward to their newest innovation where they measure and link team dynamics to output“
Robert Jan de Laive
CFO | The Next Web
"The right balance between theorical background, personal & team insights and with fun, customized exercises for our business"
Frederique van Randwijk
HR Manager | QWIC

your benefits

The focus of our Focus & Control program is to incrase your impact as a management team. To make your organisation more effective. The business results are the logical consequence, where you earn back your investment up to 20 times within the first year:
  • Management time reduction
  • Productivity increase
  • Working capital improvement
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Revenue increase
  • Margin increase
  • Employee engagement improvement
  • Business valuation increase

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