Organisational growth

realise your growth potential. Efficient, easy and fast!

With the growth of your organisation, complexity increases and new challenges appear. And you know that working harder is not the solution. You need to do things differently and therefore you are looking for the right approach and tools to apply to your organisation.


Specifically designed for ambitious SME companies that want to grow efficient, easy and fast. Businesses that have outgrown the start-up phase (e.g. more than 10 empoloyees and over €500.000 yearly turnover) and now want to make the next step to scale their business!
It does not matter which type of industry you are in. Whether you have a product or service, to consumer or B2B, whether you act locally or globally, the principles of our roadmap apply to every business. If you experience one or more of following symptoms, our Scalability Program will enable you to make the next step and increase both your business results and valuation.

Management frustrations ​

Are you involved in all details to assure flawless execution? And are you busy fire-fighting while you want to focus on long-term strategy? Resulting in long working days and/or frustrations about employee’s lack of pro-activity?

Employee stress and frustrations

Does everyone work on everything? And are employees frustrated about lack of direction, independence and internal collaboration? Resulting in stress, irritations, burn-outs and an increase in employee turnover?


Are customer complaining about decreasing service levels? And do even seemingly simple things, like invoicing, go wrong all the time? Resulting in inefficiency and unsatisfied customers, which you only recognise when it is too late?

Moderate financial results​

Is revenue not increasing fast enough? And are costs increasing at least with the same amount as your revenue? Is there a need to free-up working capital to accelerate growth?

request our starter pack for a quick start and experience direct benefits

Are you ambitious to grow fast and efficient? Does your current yearly turnover exceeds €250k and do you have more than 10 employees? We help you to ignite your growth and get you from idea to results in 3 steps.
The Scalability Starter Pack consists of 3 simple steps which we do together online:

Step 1 – Goals & Initiatives
  • We provide templates to define goals & initatives
  • You fill these templates
  • Together we make your goals & initiatives concrete

    Step 2 – Data-driven focus
  • You quantify your initiatives with our input form
  • We prioritise your initiatives based on impact
  • Together we create focus for your organisation

    Step 3 – Scalability roadmap
  • You do our science-based scalability questionnaire
  • We make a personalised advice for growth
  • Together we discuss your scalability roadmap
  • ‘ROI-driven change management can double your profits’
    ~Bain & Company

    the program

    Our Organisational Scalability Program helps you to develop your business instead of spending time on daily fire-fighting. You will regain control instead of making your business depend on you!

    Execute your strategic initiatives. Make your business a well-oiled machine. And realise your growth potential. Efficient, easy and fast!

    The program consists of 6 essential elements to scale your business. During the program we will guide you through the steps and provide you with new insights and practical tools. You only need to embed those in your organisation and make it the way of working. And with every step, we are standing next to you to assure the maximum result.

    1. Goals

    The very first step is to set the direction for your organisation. What is your “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG)? What are your strengths and weaknesses? And what do your stakeholders want? Based on this input we define your 3-5 years objectives and translate these into a list of potential initiatives for the upcoming year. By quantifying all the initiatives with our initiative impact scan, we can set the right prioritisation and create focus for your organisation.

    2. People

    It is tempting to start implementing your strategy but if you do this without taking your employees into account, you are preparing for failure, even with an excellent strategy. Therefore we give a lot of attention to “people” in the first part of our program. We will answer questions like: What are our core values? What does “accountability” actually mean for our organisation? Is our organisation chart aligned with the strengths of our people? How do we create an environment of trust & respect? During the program, we will regularly refer to the element “people”.

    3. Collaboration

    Streamlining your collaboration. Creating a “lean” organisation. This will help to free up capacity for your initiatives and to create the basis for an efficient, reliable and flexible organisation. Mapping your current way of collaboration, clean-up unnecessary tasks, define clear working agreements and create scaling scenario’s for every growth step. We define clear responsibilities so you can pro-actively manage and control your business.

    4. Metrics

    “What gets measured, gets managed, gets done” is a well-known business saying. And it is true. If organisations apply the right metrics. Too often, however, we see organisations only measuring the outcome of their business. They claim to be data-driven, but they do not get the right things done. Setting up the right metrics is key. They should be linked to your core tasks and in line with your customer expectation and desired outcome. If you then manage the metric, your desired outcome will be the logical result.

    5. Operating System

    Without structure, flexibility and autonomy turns into chaos. You need structure to thrive. A structured set of standardised daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings will help you to manage and control your executional performance and progress on your strategic development. Meetings that are actually useful and valuable for all those involved, directly and indirectly. As easy it is to explain this element, as difficult it is to get it right. But it is the key ability to scale.

    6. Initiatives

    In the first part of the roadmap we prepared the essential growth elements for your organisation. Now it is time to deploy them and demonstrate that everything works as a well-oiled machine. You will execute the first few initiatives via your new way of working. We will perform a “stress test” to define to what extend you are ready to scale. If everything is in place and runs well, we can state that you demonstrated readiness. It is time for you to be independent. Accelerate initiatives, stretch your targets and learn continuously.


    More important than ever before! All our programs are developed in such a way that these can be done either fully online or as a combination of online and face-to-face.

    "High quality content, open personalities that create a great learning environment and practical builders that helped us with the right preparations to have an excellent basis for go-live of our factory"
    Bas Jurgens
    COO Protix
    "The right balance between theorical background, personal & team insights and with fun, customized exercises for our business"
    Frederique van Randwijk
    HR Manager Qwic

    your benefits

    After successful completion of the program you will experience the following benefits:

    Management control

    You own your agenda and not the other way around. Resuling in a good work-life balance, while having full control over the direction and execution of your business. You can spend time on customer contact and further development of the organisation.


    Your employees act independently, in line with organisational goals and focus on strategic priorities. They feel valued and are engaged, happy and loyal. Your organisation is stress-free.​


    Internal collaboration is aligned. Everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Customers are happy and experience your service as good value for money. Despite its growth, your organisation is pro-active, flexible and adaptive.

    Great financial results

    Revenue increases in line with targeted growth and margins increase with increasing revenue. Your cash position is healthy and supports your targeted growth.

    The focus of our scalability programs is to make your organisation ready to scale. The results are the logical consequence. In general, you will earn back your investment up to 20 times within the first year.
    • Management time reduction
    • Productivity increase
    • Working capital improvement
    • Customer satisfaction improvement
    • Revenue increase
    • Margin increase
    • Employee engagement improvement
    • Business valuation increase

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