Personal Effectiveness

Become a charismatic connector and maximise the success of your organisation

"It's easy to criticise and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime"

Wise words of Bruce Lee. We’re all so busy keeping all the balls up in the air it’s easy to forget about the person juggling the balls. But when was the last time you really allotted time, energy and attention to yourself? In our personal effectiveness trajectory we focus on both the personal and professional development, tailored to your own unique set of needs and challenges to become a chariscmatic connector.


Does your day cost you more energy than it brings you? Do similar issues, conflicts and problems keep reoccurring? Do you have the feeling that you can do more or better? Then our coaching program might be a good option for you.

the program

We focus on actively and consciously recognising and accepting your own perception and how this translates in your preferred ways of thinking, acting and communicating. For this we use Breinstijl@Work, the only profiler validated by neuroscience, to gain more insight. Once you recognise your own patterns, you can start to understand the effect these have on others, and learn, value and respect the preferences of those around you. This is the foundation for any individual that wants to operate in a healthy, balanced and productive environment. This also helps you to focus your attention to those areas that bring you energy and find ways to minimise or limit those that drain it and you learn how certain situations can be handled differently and thus more effectively.

Request a free intake or directly make a personal development plan for only €400

For an effective coaching trajectory you need to have that click with your coach and we therefore recommend to do a (free of charge) intake with one of our coaches first.

If you’re not interested in a full trajectory but want to have some hands-on tailor made tips & tricks that you can incorporate in your day-to-day business immediately, then sign up for our starter pack. Based on your Breinstijl personality and a coaching session, we will make a hands-on personal development plan on how to increase your effectiveness and maximise your impact.

WHAT you get

The purpose of our individual coaching trajectory is to increase your personal effectiveness and improve your personal health & well-being. This will result in flow in your organisation, with the (financial) business results as the logical consequence. In our individual coaching trajectory you will get the following:
  • Breinstijl@Work personality test
  • Personal development plan
  • Regular private coaching sessions
  • On-the-job coaching sessions
  • Free use of our material


More important than ever before! All our programs are developed in such a way that these can be done either fully online or as a combination of online and face-to-face.

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