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Realise your goals & Increase the success of your team significantly while increasing Happiness of your employees

A team’s functioning determines 50% of the company’s success. However, efforts to develop teams are often one-offs and not addressing the underlying pain points.

Make your teams coherent, collaborative, high performing and decisive again with our HIHAT program and maximise performance and happiness of your organisation. Insightful, practical, useful, engaging and not to be forgotten, fun.


If you’re a growing company, you might be experiencing that the entrepreneurial ‘everybody does everything’ style from the early days isn’t effective anymore. If you’re a more mature company you might be stuck in your ways ‘because that’s what we’ve always done’. But fact is that the flow is gone.
Our HIHAT program is suitable for every organisation, because every business needs high-performing happy teams to be successful. The exact content of the program will be specified to your unique need and can range from one or two modules to the full trajectory.

Executional ineffectiveness

Do you feel your team is ineffective in executing their work? They are working really hard, but progress is not as quickly as you’d like? Even seemingly simple things, like invoicing, go wrong all the time? Goals are not reached within budget, on time, in spec and without stress? Procedures that should help you are frustrating and slow you down? And you only know you're not meeting expectations when it's too late? Resulting in micro-management to get the feeling that you have control?

Personal frustrations and stress

Does everyone work on everything? Or is there a lack of pro-activity while people seem to have sufficient time? Are team there frustrated about lack of direction, fluctuating priorities and independence? And do they experience stress and irritation about internal collaboration and not being utilized to the best of their capabilities and qualities? Resulting in an upward trend in illness rates, burn-outs (or bore-outs) and employee turnover? And the same mistakes to happen more than once?

do our HIHAT workshop for only €400 and experience direct benefits of being an effective team

Do you want to turn insights into actions? Do you want to make the first steps to create a high-performaing and happy team? In a half-day interactive workshop we will discuss the results of our science-based HIHAT Team Effectiveness scan and translate these with simple exercises into concrete improvement initatives for your team.
A team’s functioning determines 50% of the company’s success
Patterns of communication are the most important predictor of a team’s success. They are as significant as all the other factors (individual intelligence, personality, skills and the substance of discussions) combined

the program

We focus on 5 pillars – trust & respect, alignment & focus, getting things done, roles & responsibilities and team learning behaviours – with always the same start and end – shared need and embedment. To know where most attention is needed, we will start with our scientific proven organisation scan to identify the most important areas of improvement. Based on those results and your input together we create a track consisting of one or more pillars to address, improve and embed your specific challenges. Practical, useful, engaging, personal and fun. We guide you through each step, adjust when necessary and provide you with new insights and practical tools through a combination of on-site and online workshops, DIY exercises and online and offline coaching. All we expect from you is the desire and commitment to truly want to change, implement solutions and put the necessary effort in. You can expect nothing less from us.

1. Shared Need

Does everyone actually feel the need to start working, thinking and acting differently? If that’s not the case, any initiative will eventually be rendered useless. This will be the start of the entire program and we will revisit this for every module.

A. Trust & Respect

Being able to embrace healthy and productive conflict and improve collaboration by understanding and respecting each others strengths and development areas is imperative for any company to grow and sustain.

B. Alignment & Focus

What is the objective of the team? How does this align with the organisations vision? In this module we will set a clear dot on the horizon.

C. Getting Things Done

In this module first establish what actually needs to be done, find out why it hasn’t happened up until now, and create a clear, achievable and concrete action plan to make it happen.

D. Roles & Responsibilities

Without structure, flexibility and autonomy turns into chaos.. Structure creates space and freedom. Make sure every part of your organisation has an owner, and everybody is using their unique skillset and qualities to the best of their potential.

E. Team Learning Behaviour

Stagnation means decline. So how do you keep learning as a team? How do you make that learning a part of your daily routine, so that it will come naturally?

3. Embedment

How to make sure that this isn’t just a one time thing, but that any changes in way of working are embedded in your organisation. Determine what is needed from the organisation to support you in this.


More important than ever before! All our programs are developed in such a way that these can be done either fully online or as a combination of online and face-to-face.

"At our organisation we work to overcome complex problems by developing technical solutions in a highly creative environment. To support our passionate employees to meet our mission’s objectives, the enthusiastic crew of Bricklayers performed a solid deepdive into our organisation, both as individuals and as a team, to develop suitable and original improvements to our way of working"
anonymous organisation
Henk van Dalen
Non-profit organisation
"Valuable and fun session providing a better understanding of the different personalities within our team. In a short period of time we learned how to give more effective feedback to each other. Helping us to accelerate the development of our team and achieve our sportive and individual objectives.“
Wouter van der Kloet
Trainer/coach first men's team | Huizer HC

your benefits

After successful completion of the program you will experience the following benefits:

High-performing team execution

Internal collaboration is aligned. Continuous learning, both through personal feedback as well through well-defined metrics, is the norm. Everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Things get done on time, within budget and on spec, regardless of who is executing it. You own your agenda, not the other way around. You know pro-actively if you are deviating from targets and (customer) expectations enabling you to act pro-actively. You are in control without focusing on the details. There is time for strategic development initiatives while business results improve significantly.

Happy & engaged employees

Everybody acts independently and in line with organisational goals. The team and its members focus on strategic priorities. People feel they are valued and contribute to the organisational goals. The team is stress-free. Team members are engaged, happy and loyal. There is respect and appreciation. People are used to the fullest of their potential. Team members are pro-active and accountable. Illness rates decrease. Burn-outs and bore-outs are past. People are happy to be part of your organisation.

The focus of our HIHAT program is to make your team into coherent, collaborative, high-performing and decisive. The business results are the logical consequence, where you earn back your investment up to 20 times within the first year:
  • Management time reduction
  • Productivity increase
  • Working capital improvement
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Revenue increase
  • Margin increase
  • Employee engagement improvement
  • Business valuation increase

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